Our EMDR Therapy Training Approach


EMDR Training Center, LLC works closely with the EMDR International Association to insure that our training meets and surpasses their comprehensive guidelines.




Our Training Format

Our unique training format was developed to maximize the potential for learning, while minimizing flooding and other negative experiences for the learner.  During the didactic teaching, the breakout practicum exercises, and the required follow-up consultation, great attention is given toward helping the EMDR therapists-in-process learn each important concept, while helping them to stay within their own windows of tolerance.

We also teach a complex/developmental trauma-informed approach to working with clients.  Grounded in the importance of the therapeutic relationship and appropriate preparation, prior to trauma processing.

Our Training Materials

Based on the consistent positive feedback we receive from our EMDR Trainees and Consultants alike, the quality of our presentation slideshow, comprehensive manual, supporting worksheets, and relevant information is outstanding.  While the paradigm shift to EMDR Psychotherapy may be a challenge for some therapists, we have been told that the graphics, videos and interactive learning incorporated into our training greatly assists in the assimilation of EMDR theory and the practice of EMDR Therapy.