EMDR Therapist Certification Program

A Well-Trained EMDR Therapist

Has Been Given A Very Powerful Tool To Help.

As the rate of traumatic experience and exposure escalates worldwide,

So does the impact for individual clients and their therapists.

We believe the complexity and severity of trauma’s presentations for clients,

Requires continued training and support for all EMDR therapists.

By providing the EMDR Therapist Certification Program

We hope to come alongside, encourage, and support you in this important work.

Our EMDR Therapist Certification Program includes:

-Professional feedback and assistance from EMDRIA Approved Consultants

-Clear explanations of the EMDR Therapy Model and the Standard Protocol

-Organized, step-by-step instructions and forms

-Practice assignments to apply and increase your EMDR Therapy skills with your clients

-A safe environment to discuss your questions and cases

-Networking opportunities with other EMDR Professionals


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